Introducing: InForm TM Insight MAKE

Josh Duggan
Matt Slade

The NRS has shown to be a valuable grassroots breeding ground for Cyclists, a proven launching pad for riders into the World Tour, and MAAP is proud to continue our involvement in the national series. Beginning in 2019, we’ll be partnering with InForm TM Insight MAKE, one of the nation’s strongest development teams now in it’s third year, with a commitment to developing elite young cyclists.

“It feels like a really natural partnership. We’re both Melbourne based, both design-led brands and both focused on performance and racing. We look forward to watching the team develop the riders into world-class athletes over the coming years,”

- MAAP co-founder, Ollie Cousins said of the partnership.


While InForm TM Insight MAKE is a talented squad as a whole, the charge will be led by Raphael Freienstein and Nathan Eliott two serial winners in the NRS. Freienstein was the winner of the 2018 National Road Series and National Criterium Series with InForm MAKE; now he and the team will be charged with defending his crown. Elliot joins the team as the winner of the past two Melbourne to Warrnambool races, and the 2018 Grafton to Inverell.


The squad also includes four members of Cycling Australia’s Podium Potential Track Academy, a pathway to the 2020 & 2024 Olympics; Luke Plapp, Connor Leahy, Godfrey Slattery, Jarrad Drizners. The four will race on the road with InForm TM Insight MAKE while also managing their track commitments as they chase success in two disciplines.

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The remainder of the squad features a list of U19 and U23 riders including Ben Jones, Pat Eddy, Sam Eddy, Will Moloney-Morton, Rudy Porter, David Williams, Carter Turbull, Tom Jones, Tom Benton, Tom McFarlane. These riders are set to gain race knowledge, skills and an understanding of how to handle preparation, pressure and training loads from the more experienced members, all under the watchful eye of new General Manager and Directeur Sportif Pat Lane.

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2019 sees the NRS Calendar reshaped, with the Classics all held in Autumn, and the all the Tours held in a period from July through to December. InForm TM Insight MAKE will take part in all events, as well the Victorian Road Series. With the squad’s strong development focus, they’ll also be travelling to Belgium for a stretch through the middle of the year, in order for riders to gain experience racing internationally.

Alongside our partnerships with Cyclocross teams such as TP Racing and the MAAP Enve CX Team, and the local MAAP Basso team, our partnership InForm TM Insight MAKE forms a key part of MAAP’s connection to racing and fostering talent. Our main face on the national road racing scene, it’s a partnership we know will do us both proud as they chase success.


That hunt begins in Ballarat, as the InForm TM Insight MAKE team will be officially launched at the upcoming 2019 Australian National Championships, held from the 4th to the 8th of January.