Anna x, Seductive Voice-over Artist.
Luke Farquhar

There you are. You have been waiting un-patiently, but now the time has finally come.

We have little time for introductions, but my name is Anna. Your provocative passage has lead you to me. You'll always hear me but never see me.

Welcome to RØØTED. Prepare to immerse yourself in culture and immortalise absolutely everything, on & off the bike while diving deeper into this new DNA of cycling. You'll soon meet our 2 protagonists, Luke Farquhar & Rama McCabe. Two best friends who met up in Berlin and rode to Copenhagen.

Røøted is about keeping promises, acting on impulse, making bad decisions & friendship. When you ride as slowly as these two, your past will always catch up to you.

Please enjoy this 26 minute, 4k, surround sound Black•Comedy•Mocumentary and process it slowly… while acting swiftly on sudden impulses.

Welcome to the very first RØØTED... Don’t act like you don’t want it.