Not just the capital of The Netherlands, Amsterdam is also the unofficial world capital of cycling. With almost 900,000 bikes in the city, the bike is by far the most used form of transport. When you’re out for a proper ride, you’ll likely finish with 0m in elevation but you’ll have been battered by wind for nearly the entire ride. The picturesque windmills you pass along the way are a beautiful reminder of the constant struggle.

The first 50 riders that register for the ride will receive a free limited-edition and Amsterdam-specific cap.

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Sunday 22nd, July | 9am - 1pm


Total distance: 114.55km | Elevation gain: 284m

Meet for coffee at Maats at 9am before we all roll out as a group together at 9.30am. As we battle the ever present challenge of the Dutch Mountains (a.k.a blasting winds in all directions), we’ll ride towards an 1,100m section of cobbles north of Amsterdam. On the return, we’ll pass some classic Dutch windmills – a picturesque but very painful reminder of what we’ve been up against. Although it’s a social pace, there will be a sprint at the end to see who’s the smartest rider of the day.

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